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The photo terminal for all your events!

How about renting a photo kiosk ? Usually, this animation allowing you to take selfies and print them  like in a photo cabin is reserved for big events. Especially for a wedding or an anniversary . At BURDDY, we consider that every important event in your life deserves unforgettable memories. Whether it’s a baptism , a housewarming party or a fancy dress evening with your friends, our photobooth will delight all your guests and provide anoriginal photo animation ! Discover all the features of our photo box !

What does the BURDDY photo box look like?

Technical details

Burddy photobooth carrying cases
Our BURDDY photo terminal is delivered in transport covers, designed to be transported in the trunk of a car (here a Renault Clio)

Height : 1m80 (with flash)

Floor area : approximately 1m2

Weight : 30kg (screen weight, integrated printer).
Ideally provide 2 people for assembly.

Necessary distance: 1m50 to 2m for optimal quality photos

Transport covers (Length x width x height in cm):
– Small cover (for the flash, the cables and the terminal base): 60(L) x 50(l) x 20(h)
– Large cover (for the screen): 60(L) x 50(w) x 60(h)
– Cover for the 4 feet of the bollard: 22.5cm wide x 1m15 high x 3.5cm thick (thin cover)

Large, easy-to-use touchscreen

Thanks to the large touch screen and the intuitive menu, navigate between the different frames you have created and add a whole host of fun elements to your photos with the interactive accessories option: mustaches, hats, glasses, luscious mouths ... laughter guaranteed even for the shyest  !

Your prints in 10 seconds

With its professional photo printer, enjoy instant prints and print your photos directly from the photobooth! We load the photo paper before each event according to the chosen package, and you just have to focus on having fun without worrying about recharging the printer. Multiple prints per shot are possible  !

Successful shots in all circumstances

With our photo box, no more dark prints, everything is set automatically once you connect the studio flash ! The flash will allow you to achieve exceptional photo quality whether you are in a dark room or in a brighter environment.

Assemble the photobooth in 5 simple steps

Easily transportable in the trunk of a car, our photo terminal has been specially designed for easy use thanks to its assembly in 5 steps: mount the feet on the base, install the terminal, screw the flash on top, connect it to the box and plug the power cable into a power outlet. It's ready  !

A photo kiosk for unforgettable memories

Who wants to take a selfie around here? You may have already had the opportunity to test a wedding photobooth or a photo booth animation during a birthday, and it’s a safe bet that you had a lot of fun ! The photo box is indeed the fashionable animation for this type of event and you can find them in all sizes and at all prices. But we rarely think of a photobooth animation for a Halloween party for example, or a wedding anniversary or a baby shower. With BURDDY, immortalise all the great moments of happiness and benefit from our photo booth rental packages at affordable prices from148 €. Your friends will love it!

Live printing of your photos in 10 seconds

Print your photos in 10 seconds with the BURDDY photo kiosk

Thanks to the photo printer integrated in the kiosk, print your prints instantly in 10 seconds, at the quality of a professional photo studio.

Once your photo has been taken, you will be able to start printing in one or more copies (to be configured when customizing your photo frames). Give an original souvenir to your guests and have them stick a copy in a pretty guest book for example.

The printer is loaded with the amount of paper needed for your event, so you won’t have to reload during the evening. As soon as your instant prints have expired, you can continue to use your photo kiosk for an unlimited number of digital photos and for the entire duration of your rental period.

An ultra-simple photobooth assembly in 5 steps

Our BURDDY photo kiosk has been designed for quick and easy assembly in just 5 steps. The box is delivered to you in 3 bags so you can easily transport it with any car. You will therefore have no difficulty in moving it to the location of your event. Once there, start your stopwatch and let’s go:

Pablo, the mascot of the BURDDY photo kiosks

That’s all ! You are now ready to strike a pose in front of the camera.

A very intuitive touchscreen interface

With BURDDY, enjoy a fun and user-friendly interface that is easy to use. The large touch screen will allow you to select your photo frame from among all the personalized frames you have created, then launch the timer to take a photo. You will then have the option of printing (if your plan includes instant prints) and emailing your photo. 

The sending by email is instantaneous if the photo terminal is connected to the internet by wifi, or saved in an offline queue without internet (all emails will be sent when your photobox is returned to our premises). Your guests will be able to switch from one photobooth frame to another and test the different variants developed by you.  : portrait, landscape, strip format … enough inspiration for everyone !

The touch interface of the BURDDY photo box is very easy to use