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Discover our original activity ideas for Easter!

Because spring is coming , it’s time to start thinking about its main highlight: Easter ! This pastel-colored celebration dedicated to chocolate certainly has religious origins , but nothing prevents each of us from enjoying fun activities on this special day.

All it takes is a creative touch to make your Easter party both innovative and fun .

Whether you’re throwing festivities for you and your family or bringing your closest friends together, there’s no shortage of activities this Easter .

From decorating your home or garden, dressing up your outfit or making delicious treats , here are some great ideas and things to do this Easter , all of which can be enjoyed by the little ones, as well as the grown-ups!

Almost anything can be practiced from the comfort of your home , so make Easter memories that will last a lifetime .

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, a list of the best activities to do during this time of celebration and rebirth that is Easter !

1. Decorate Easter eggs

Painting and decorating Easter eggs is one of the most popular Easter traditions these days. You can decorate hard-boiled Easter eggs or Easter eggs made of other materials such as wood or polystyrene.

Decorated wooden Easter eggs have the advantage that they can be stored in a box and used year after year. You can even make them keepsakes to pass down from one generation to the next.

You can then use them with the children during egg hunts and in Easter baskets.

Kids love decorating eggs as much as they love chasing them.

Décorer les oeufs de Pâques ravira vos enfants à coup sûr
De jolis oeufs de Pâques décorés pour l'occasion

2. Go on an Easter egg hunt

Topping the list of Easter activities, of course, is the classic egg hunt. It’s always a lot of fun to organize one, both inside and outside your home. Hide the decorated eggs as well as the chocolate ones, then watch your kids and friends search for them.

If you’d rather go out and do it big, consider that maybe your town or neighborhood is hosting an Easter egg hunt. Just check with your municipality.

3. Eat a chocolate Easter bunny

Devouring a chocolate egg and enjoying a chocolate Easter bunny is an essential activity to do on Easter! If there’s ever a holiday when there’s no more guilt about gorging on chocolate treats, it’s Easter, so put your stash aside and eat your weight in chocolate freely.

Les chocolats, les indispensables pour une fête de Pâques réussie !

4. Bake Easter treats

Who doesn’t love homemade cakes? There are so many great Easter-themed things to cook, and it’s the perfect time to make memories with your kids.

“Get your hands on Easter!”

In addition to learning new recipes, children will have a blast decorating their cakes.

To make things more exciting, why not organize a mini baking contest with friends? The children will be able to taste the dishes of the other participants and vote for the best cake.

5. Organize an Easter dinner

It’s your turn to shine by hosting an Easter dinner! You will easily find traditional Easter dinner recipes to impress your guests.

And in case you want to make your dinner a little more creative, take a look at all the Easter cooking traditions around the world.

You will enjoy a more than pleasant Easter dinner with your family. A feast of traditional Easter dishes and homemade recipes is a treat the whole family will enjoy eating together.

Un délicieux repas de Pâques à partager en famille ou entre amis !

6. Play outside

In addition to your Easter egg hunt, organize lots of other games to play outside.

For example, turn a “sack race” into the perfect game for the occasion by sticking a small cotton ball to the back of the bag. It will look like a rabbit’s tail.

It’s a classic game that your kids will love!

You can use a potato sack, pillowcase, or any other fabric your kids can put their legs in. Mark out a game track and organize a race of jumping rabbits. Jump into the bag, and whoever gets to the finish line first is the winner.

Another fun game is the egg race, which is a variation of the spoon race. Get ready to run with an egg in a tablespoon. The first to cross the finish line without dropping the egg wins. It can be a fun Easter activity even with a small group of people.

7. Read a story to children

Set aside time at Easter to read with your children. You can choose a simple children’s book or decide to tell them the story of Easter in the Bible.

Even if you’re not religious, learning about other people’s traditions is a great opportunity to teach your kids about other cultures and beliefs.

8. Plant flowers

Easter symbolizes rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips or daffodils with your budding gardeners?

Fall is technically the season to plant bulbs in most areas, but you can also plant them indoors at any time of the year, or purchase blooming flowers and transplant them outdoors. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with the kids at Easter.

9. Watch Easter Movies

Looking for something quiet to do at the end of the day? After a day full of emotions, playing, looking for eggs, eating chocolate, put yourself on standby with some Easter-themed movies and settle down together on the sofa to relax.

Many films will be perfect for the occasion: Peter Rabbit, Zootopia, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit…

10. Draw on the sidewalk

A growing trend is to write nice and funny messages or draw, directly on the sidewalk.

During Easter week, spend some time outside decorating the sidewalks. You can use chalk or even washable finger paint. Get creative and don’t be afraid to get dirty with this activity, it all washes out!

Les activités de plein air sont idéales pour Pâques
Photo credits: ©Abbey Burns Tucker

11. Volunteer your time

Give back on Easter Sunday by volunteering your time. You can volunteer at a food bank or participate in local tree and flower planting efforts.

Or, you can do a random act of kindness: your neighbor needs help with their garden, or a family is going through a tough time and needs a meal? It’s a great opportunity to engage your kids and make them aware of the world around them.

This act of kindness is sure to brighten someone’s day!

12. Make a birdhouse

Are you feeling very creative at Easter? Make cute birdhouses to decorate your garden and especially to help birds. It’s perfect for Easter and celebrating the arrival of spring!

After hanging it in your garden or on your window, you can all watch the arrival of the birds and their young. It is always a fascinating experience.

Children will love this educational and fun activity. Doing a favor to the birds may be able to give birth to certain vocations in them, who knows?

13. Organize a picnic

Speaking of getting some fresh air, why not enjoy your Easter meal al fresco with the arrival of the sun? After being locked up all winter, an Easter lunch outside will be a real pleasure. Take the opportunity to concoct small dishes together, with family and friends. Everyone could bring a small dish specially dedicated to Easter.

14. Decorate an Easter tree

Easter egg trees are an Easter tradition that originated in Germany. Originally, Easter trees were decorated outside cottages. But, today, Easter trees are also decorated indoors with eggs and many other Easter decorations.

When Easter is over, consider saving your Easter tree and decorating it with various ornaments, such as objects found in nature or crafts.

Décorer un arbre de Pâques, une activité originale à organiser avec les enfants

15. Take pictures with the Easter Bunny

Above all, do not miss this opportunity to take lots of family photos. You can play the game and dress up for example. This will guarantee you a photo shoot full of laughter and joy.

To make it easier for you, consider renting a photobooth. Operation is simple and will allow you to take group photos without having to worry about organization.

Le photobooth de Pâques, idéal pour garder des souvenirs originaux de cette journée en famille ou entre amis !
Photo credits: ©Hobby Lobby

Thanks to all these ideas, celebrating Easter with your children, family or friends becomes easy. You’ll provide a fun and stress-free Easter celebration while giving your children and loved ones a joyful and meaningful experience they’ll remember.

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