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Personalization of photo frames

Once your reservation is made, you can personalize your photo frames in the colors of your event, whatever the chosen package! Let your imagination run wild, and create original photobooth frames that reflect your image!

The different photo formats

Thanks to our online tool accessible from your customer area (“Modify personalization” option), you will be able to select up to 24 frame layouts in different formats. The personalization of your frames is possible even when you have already received your photo booth. It will simply be necessary to synchronize the photo terminal (connected to wifi) thanks to the button present in the touch interface. 

The frames created before the delivery of the photo box will already be integrated into your kiosk. We therefore advise you to finalize your photo frames at the latest one week before your rental.

The available formats are  :

1 photo landscape photobooth frame

Landscape 15×10

1 photo portrait photobooth frame

10×15 portrait

Horizontal strip photobooth frame 2 photos

Horizontal strips 15×5

3 photos vertical strip photobooth frame

Vertical strips 5×15

Many layouts are available for each format (1 pose, several poses with a few seconds of intervals …) You will have plenty of time to let your imagination run free! You will find a whole bunch of original backgrounds in different themes (wedding, baptism, birthday, tropical …), without forgetting the possibility of integrating a small personalized text and images (logo …)

You can obviously mix these formats according to the frames you are going to create, and provide several different frames for your evening. Thanks to our touch screen terminal and its large intuitive screen, your guests will be able to move from one setting to another during the evening.

Tip: How to Get Over 400 Instant Impressions  ?

Our wedding will welcome a large number of people and we would like to print more than 400 photos. How to proceed  ?

Indeed, the biggest plan we offer is the 400 impressions plan. The packages including instant prints indicate the maximum number of photos you can print with standard 15×10 or 10×15 photo frames (landscape and portrait).

If you only create strip frames in 15×5 or 5×15 format (vertical and horizontal strips), the total number of possible prints is doubled. A strip is in fact half of a photo in the classic format, and they always come out in pairs.

This will allow your guests to leave with one of the strips, and to stick the other in a pretty guest book with a nice little note for example!

Example with a 400 impressions package:
You will be able to print up to 400 prints from the photobooth in 15×10 or 10×15 format, or up to 800 15×5 or 5×15 strips. Mixing the different formats is still possible for even more fun!

Pablo de BURDDY always has some great tips to share!

Examples of available designs

Here is a small overview of what you will be able to achieve using our photobooth frame customization tool. It is also possible to load your own images for the backgrounds of the photo frames, as well as for the small images (“stickers”).

The online frame creation tool

The photo frame personalization tool is accessible online from your customer area, once your reservation has been made.

The operation is very simple and allows you to create one or more custom photo frames, to choose from among the proposed layouts.

You can choose your photo format, your background, add text, images or even a logo.

All the frames created in your customer area will be loaded onto your photo kiosk for your event. Your guests will then be able to switch from one frame to another from the touch screen to vary the shots.