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The best birthday ideas for kids are at Burddy!

Are you looking for ideas for your child’s birthday party and have decided to think big and go the extra mile to make them happy? In order to be sure not to go wrong, take things seriously and consider your darling as a real little client (after all, he is the king of the day!) In this article we will accompany you for a square organization. from A to Z: invitation cards passing bybirthday photobooth animation , up to the choice of decoration , nothing should be left to chance! We explored the web and we immediately share the best ideas for a successful children’s birthday party!

Preparations: guest list and invitation cards

Obviously, we do not celebrate a birthday in the same way for a 4 year old child as for a young 12 year old teenager. However, there are some universal rules that apply to all ages to celebrate their birthday in the rules of art. The guest list should be made with your child to plan the organization of the event and calculate the number of invitation cards that will need to be sent.

Here are some ideas for a child’s birthday invitation card:

Frozen themed invitation cards

Lego themed invitation cards

Pirate themed invitations

No matter how old your child is, let them get involved in the preparations and help with the organization. It is above all an opportunity to spend time with him, but it is also a way of making him responsible.

Birthday theme ideas for kids

In order to give the party a little consistency, it is often better to turn the activities, decoration and other elements that make up a birthday around a common theme. We know that kids are mostly fascinated by fantasy worlds, and there are tons of themes out there that might suit your little one.

The challenge is therefore to find an idea that could combine birthday decoration, games for children, food and why not disguise. Of course, you should choose the theme according to your kid’s preferences and tastes. And too bad if dad has to dress up as a princess! A quick overview with two ideas for themes that are popular with the youngest.

1) The Disney birthday theme

With the Disney children's birthday theme, even dads get caught up in the game!

A multitude of disguises, magical universes, songs that have become cult. Disney is undoubtedly the theme that will delight all guests, both girls and boys. Costumes can now be found everywhere! Elsa from the Snow Queen, Mickey and his friends, Woody and Buzz Lightyear… a wide choice is available to you and you will have no trouble finding what you are looking for.

For the activity, we found the game that will make everyone laugh and participate: Olaf’s game ! You can also hire the services of a magician at the party and put lots of glitter in the children’s eyes (and yours too)

As for the decor, it’s time to get wet a bit and show your artistic side. Are you not very creative? No problem ! You will find many tips and tutorials to make some decorations for the room that will host your small party. As for the table decoration, bet on simplicity: a blue tablecloth with a few stars for example, Disney cups and plates and voila!

Do you find the Disney theme a little too childish? Here is a theme that will change your mood …

2) The pirate birthday theme

The pirate theme, a classic for birthdays!

This is arguably one of the most successful themes for children’s birthdays. Who has never dreamed of sailing aboard the Black Pearl? For the disguises, you will find a multitude of ready-made costumes, but it is also possible to learn how to make them yourself. YouTube will be your best ally. Don’t hesitate to explore the web for inspiration, but don’t forget: black and red must be in the spotlight!

Even if this corresponds to the theme, it is strongly recommended not to offer toddlers a tasting of your collection of arranged rums brought back from your vacation in Martinique. In which case you may have some problems with other moms and dads. Instead, offer them some themed sweets like chocolate pieces or why not a pirate birthday cake ?

For the activity, nothing like a traditional treasure hunt ! Kids love to solve puzzles and solve mysteries, plus the treasure chest is full of sweets and little gifts!

For decoration, you can opt for a red paper tablecloth, black cups, a few scattered chocolate pieces and why not a pirate flag hanging on the wall. No need to want to reproduce a life-size galleon in your living room, a few well-thought-out details will do the trick and delight the children and their friends present.

Of course, remember to take pictures of this anniversary! To do so, we have found the perfect accessory to keep wonderful memories, while offering a truly original animation that is sure to please everyone!

A photobooth animation for her child's birthday

Children love the photobooth, and parents keep original memories!

What if your little blond heads had fun playing the stars in front of the camera? You certainly know the principle of the photo terminal that is often found at weddings. The photo box allows guests to take a photo of themselves and then print it live and in a few seconds from the machine. Ideal for leaving with memories in your pockets!

To organize a photobooth event for your child’s birthday, you will need a photo corner specially designed and decorated for the occasion. Maybe you need to move some furniture and get a picture or two, but you have to if you want a Hollywood-style photoshoot! If you are lucky enough to have a garden, the installation of the photobooth outdoors is possible, provided that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or humidity (electronics oblige).

You will have the possibility to create several personalized photo frames that will perfectly match the theme of the birthday. Imagine how happy your child will be when they print the photos! You will also find all the photos taken in an online gallery at the end of the event, which will make it much easier for you to share memories with other parents. One thing is certain: the kids will love it!

Here you are now with some ideas and tips for your child’s birthday party. No need to put pressure on yourself, the important thing is to plan one or more activities to occupy your little guests without forgetting to recharge their batteries with good cakes and sweets to nibble. At Burddy, we’re not the kings of cupcakes or the puppet show. Don’t count on us for a duck fishing or a trampoline session either. But for an original birthday and a top photobooth animation full of funny memories, we can help you!

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