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Frequently Asked Questions

Find on this page all the questions regularly asked by our customers. Our support team will be happy to answer your other questions, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rental and booking of your photobooth

Certain times of the year are more in demand than others, especially the wedding season (April to September). It is therefore preferable to book in advance (2 to 3 months), in order to ensure the availability of your photobooth.

Normally, reservations are closed at D-8. However, depending on the desired delivery address, we can still see if it is possible to integrate an additional delivery in one of our routes.

Contact us with the desired package, delivery address and phone number. We will respond as soon as possible.

Indivuals (vs businesses) can rent our photobooth only during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Deliveries usually take place on Thursdays and Fridays, and returns the following Monday or Tuesday.

For weekend events, the kiosk is provided for the entire weekend, and you can use it as you see fit.

Breakage insurance is automatically included when renting a Burddy photo kiosk. The prices displayed on our site all include this insurance.

We have chosen this formula in order to avoid all the inconvenience linked to the costs of deposit transfers and claims that could occur despite reasonable use.

Warning ! This insurance does not cover vandalism, theft and negligence.

Breakage insurance is automatically included in all our packages, so you can use your photobooth with complete peace of mind.

This insurance covers you for reasoned and reasonable use of the photo terminal (scratches or breakage of the screen, accidental fall or breakage, etc.)

Theft, negligence (e.g. leaving the photo booth in a public place unattended overnight), as well as vandalism are not included in our insurance.

Payment is made online when booking by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

We offer free and unlimited postponement of your event if needed, and this up to 10 days before your rental date.

If you know the new event date, contact our support and we will change the date. Several successive postponements are possible, if necessary.

If your event is canceled, we will indicate a fictitious date in order to put it on hold. You can keep this rental for another event of your choice.

You can book your photo booth directly on the Burddy website. To do this, click on the “book” button, then create your account in a few seconds, if you haven’t already done so.

Then follow the reservation steps indicated, up to the payment step to finalize your rental. Do not hesitate to contact our support if necessary.

Packages and prices

Yes ! The prices displayed include the rental of your photobooth, insurance against breakage as well as the various options included in all packages (unlimited digital photos, customizable frames, photo sending by e-mail, photo gallery …)

To these options provided in the packages, you can add other elements not included such as the guestbook, photobooth accessories or even Snapchat-style virtual accessories.

Delivery and return are offered with a flat rate at29 €, which will allow you to be delivered by our team to the address of your choice (return included).

Our offers do not include the installation and dismantling of the photo terminal.

Our photobooths have been designed to be installed very easily in only 5 simple steps. It takes about ten minutes.

You should think about having 2 people to lift the booth on its base because it weighs 30kg.

Absolutely ! The rate is valid for the entire rental period, whether your event lasts a day or an entire weekend.

Your photobooth can be used as soon as it has been delivered to you, until the date of return. No usage limit after 24 hours, everything remains operational.

No problem ! The 100% digital package at128 € will suit your expectations perfectly.

You will be able to take as many digital photos as you want, and you will collect all the photos in your online gallery at the end of the event.

We offer packages of up to 400 prints in standard format (15×10) and up to 800 prints in strip format (5×15 or 15×5). This represents 6 hours of non-stop use of the photobooth.

Please note, if you opt for multiple impressions when making your reservation (by authorizing several impressions per photo), your prints will decrease more quickly.

Contact us, we will see if it is possible to integrate your delivery into one of the already established routes.

The packages offered indicate the maximum number of photos in classic format (15x10cm or 10x15cm depending on the orientation) that you can print.

By creating your personalized frames, if you choose a strip format (5×15 or 15×5), you will then be able to print double the number of prints (a strip is a classic photo cut in 2). A package of 200 prints will allow you to print up to 400 strips.

Note that the strips always come out in pairs. That is ideal if you want to stick one in a guestbook and keep the second! Mixing these formats by creating different frames is obviously possible!

Yes, it is highly recommended to have even more fun! You just need to create different frames by varying the formats (portrait, landscape, vertical strip, horizontal strip …).

You can create up to 24 different layouts and all your created frames will be available on your photobooth ! You might as well say that your guests will not have the time to get bored.

Delivery and return

It is not possible to know the delivery dates in advance because we finalise our routes weekly, and based on the delivery addresses provided by customers.

The Monday before the event, we calculate the most efficient and environmentally friendly delivery routes in order to deliver all of our customers.

On this day you will receive an email with the day and time slot that our driver will come by.

The delivery routes are calculated to be the most efficient and ecological in order to be able to deliver all our customers. For this reason it is unfortunately not possible to modify the dates and times of passage.

On the other hand, it is possible to change the address (within a radius of 10km) and / or the person who will receive the Burddy up to 24 hours before.

It is possible to change your delivery and return address up to 24 hours before the driver’s visit.

To do this, go to your personal account online, where your past and future rentals are listed. By clicking on the icon in the “Actions” column of your upcoming event, you can then see the option to change your address.

In case of last minute changes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try as much as possible to integrate your address into one of the already organized delivery routes.

A delivery and return package to29 € is offered, in order to have the photobooth delivered to the address of your choice by our team. No need to contact a carrier, we take care of the logistics ourselves!

These services are not included in our packages.

The assembly and disassembly of the photobooth are very simple and everything is done in about ten minutes, with two people.

Everything is explained and detailed in the manual which you can find on this page. Easy as 1 2 3 !

The bollard is delivered in covers, designed to be transported easily in the trunk of a car.

The dimensions of the covers are as follows: (Length x width x height in cm)

– Small cover (for the flash, the cables and the terminal base): 60(L) x 50(l) x 20(h)

– Large cover (for the screen): 60(L) x 50(w) x 60(h)

– Cover for the 4 feet of the bollard: 22.5cm wide x 1m15 high x 3.5cm thick (thin cover)

Note the only imperative which is to transport the screen straight and uncoated, to prevent the printer from moving during transport.

Customization options

The Burddy Photo Box does not offer customization options. Only photo frames can be personalized.

We offer 4 types of photo formats: 10×15 (portrait format), 15×10 (landscape format), 5×15 (vertical strip format) and 15×5 (horizontal strip format)

By choosing a package with instant impressions, for example a package with 200 prints, you will be able to print 200 units in 10×15 or 15×10 (classic format), or the double amount in strip format 5×15 or 15×5, more specifically 400 prints. It is even possible to mix these formats for your event. All you have to do is create the frames with the corresponding formats during customization on the tool.

You can then for example create a classic frame in portrait format, another classic in landscape format, and a last one in vertical strip format.

The personalization of photo frames is included in all our packages (100% digital and with prints). You can personalize your frames using our online tool accessible from your customer area, once your reservation has been made.

The frames created up to 6 days prior the delivery of the photobooth are automatically loaded on your photobooth. For the frames created after the delivery of the photo box, you will simply have to synchronize the machine using the button on the interface, while it is connected to the internet.

You can select up to 24 different layouts in several formats (classic, strips, etc.) with many formatting options (backgrounds, texts, etc.)

The formats offered are 15×10 (landscape), 10×15 (portrait), 15×5 (horizontal strip) and 5×15 (vertical strip). Each has several variants (1 or more photos, location of the photos, etc.)

Your event

Do not panic ! We have designed an ultra simple interface, and all the features are explained!

Once the photobooth is installed and plugged in, everything is ready to use. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, after using the large touch screen to choose among the frames you have created.

Once the photo has been taken, you will have the option of printing it (if your package includes instant prints) or sending it by e-mail (directly if you have connected the terminal via wifi, or if not, after the event when returning the terminal to our warehouse).

The interface is fun and user-friendly, even children will get hooked !

Height : 1m80 (with flash)

Floor area : approximately 1m2

Weight : 30kg (screen weight, integrated printer).
Ideally provide 2 people for assembly.

Necessary distance: 1m50 to 2m for optimal quality photos

Discover more details on the page dedicated to the characteristics of the photobooth: The characteristics of the BURDDY photobooth

It is not possible to charge the printer during your event.

We charge the photobooth with photo paper according to the chosen package , and once the paper is used up, you will still be able to take digital photos.

The maximum package offered is 400 impressions, which represents more than 6 hours of continuous use of the terminal.

La première chose à faire est de consulter notre notice :

Nous mettons également à votre disposition un numéro de contact, accessible via un onglet de l’interface du photobooth

N’hésitez pas à appeler ce numéro (disponible 7 jours sur 7 de 9h à 23h) : +352 20 30 19 59 en laissant votre message.

Les pannes les plus courantes (problème de flash, bourrage papier dans l’imprimante) sont très faciles à corriger.

Your web gallery is emailed to you once we collect the box, so you can retrieve the photos or send the gallery to your guests.

It is also possible to send the photos via live email. If the kiosk is not connected to the internet, emails will be sent once it returns to our warehouse.