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Why rent a photobooth at your wedding?

The big day is approaching! Are you looking for wedding entertainment to brighten up your evening? An activity that will appeal to young and old alike, from reception to dessert? Easy to set up, the wedding photobooth will allow your guests to take their picture , print them like in a photo booth and leave with lots of memories of your union. Find out why renting a wedding photobooth is a must for unforgettable and colorful memories.

Rent a photobooth for your wedding: a crazy animation

It is often called a photo kiosk , selfie box, photo box or even photo booth. You have certainly already met them on the occasion of a birthday, a previous marriage or even a commercial event in a store. A photobooth animation allows you to take selfie photos like a photo booth, then print them.

Photo printing is done in seconds, directly from the machine. This unusual photo shoot allows guests to let their imaginations run wild. This gives an often fantastic and completely offbeat result, for a guaranteed atmosphere throughout the evening!

An activity that will appeal to young and old alike

It’s not always easy to keep everyone happy and entertained at your wedding party. Finding an activity that occupies both children and adults for several hours is a real challenge. Setting up a photo corner with a photobooth box will undoubtedly allow you to obtain unanimity! Your guests will be able to have fun and take pictures, each one more wacky than the next.

Unlike a smaller photo booth, the photobooth facilitates group photos and interactions. Impossible to get bored! The youngest love it, the older ones can’t stop and everyone is playing in a few minutes. Guaranteed success!

A perfect complement to the wedding photographer

We may wonder if offering a selfie photo kiosk in addition to your wedding photographer is a good idea. And the least we can say is that the two are 100% compatible. Your wedding photographer will, thanks to his talent and through the lens of his camera, capture the most beautiful moments of your union. Playing with light and shadow, shooting angles, colors and contrasts.

The photo box will allow you to capture the best moments of your wedding, from a much more offbeat and original angle. Guests will have plenty of time to take photos, without the pressure of an outside eye. This will offer funny scenes and poses to laugh at!

Fun photo memories for the guests

With the rental of photo kiosks, each selfie is an opportunity to let go and reveal your clownish side. Thanks to the SLR camera and the built-in flash, you will obtain photo quality worthy of a professional studio. Getting started is easy and fun, thanks to the touch screen that offers photo feedback before and after the shot.

The photos taken can then be printed from the photo box. Just start instant printing in seconds, thanks to the built-in printer. The photo paper will enhance your prints, and everyone can leave with a souvenir of this fun wedding.

Beautiful memories for the bride and groom

On the wedding day, it’s difficult to keep an eye on the photo corner and the guests who follow one after the other. The photo gallery will give you an unforgettable memory of this moment, and you can easily recover the photos taken during your wedding. Indeed, each photo is saved, whether or not it has been saved by your guests. As chefs, you have the right to take a look at everything that may have happened in front of the photo box!

Your online gallery is sent a few days after the wedding, once the selfie box returns to the workshop. You will access it with a password and find the photos of your guests. It will then be possible to download and share them with the people present at your event.

Customizable photo frames in the colors of the event

Personalized photo frames for a wedding photobooth that looks like you!

What could be better than a customizable photo to make your event unforgettable? Thanks to the personalization of your photobooth frames, your souvenir photos will perfectly match the theme of your wedding. Several photo formats are generally available, whether it is a classic photo frame format (15 x 10) or a photo booth style strip format.

Each format also has several layouts (one or more poses on each shot), in order to vary the pleasures. All the frames created by you will be loaded on your photo kiosk. Your guests can then have fun going from one frame to another from the touch screen, for varied and ultra original photos.

An autonomous photo animation for the guests

Once installed and plugged in, your camera will do the job on its own, like a grown-up! The handling is quick and the operation is childish. All you have to do is position yourself in front of the box, start shooting and the countdown is displayed. Say “Cheeeese” and you’re done! This simplicity explains why renting a wedding photobooth is ideal for allowing wedding guests to take pictures in total autonomy.

By opting for the instant printing option during your rental, your guests can choose whether or not they want to print their souvenir photos directly from the photobooth. So you can enjoy your wedding, while your guests will have fun and have a great time!

Affordable prices for all budgets

Formerly reserved for a professional audience, the rental of photo boxes has gradually become more democratic over the years. Rental prices for photo booth entertainment are therefore much more affordable than a few years ago. However, they can vary greatly depending on the providers and the offers offered. In order to find your way around, it is important to look at what is included in the packages, and the possible options to add. Whether it is a very large wedding or a slightly more modest event, you will easily find something to celebrate among the offers on the market (at BURDDY of course: p) All within your budget for the greatest happiness in your wallet.

An easy-to-set up wedding entertainment

In addition to being a fun event, the rental of a photobooth ensures simple set-up in a few minutes. The installation of the photo terminal is carried out in a few steps. You will only need one outlet to operate the machine. No need to know computers or photography. Everything is already configured and ready to use. The built-in flash promises you photos in studio quality. The machine is intended to be transported in the trunk of a car, and it is possible to move it during the event. Outdoor use is quite possible, provided that the place is not exposed to direct sunlight or humidity (electronics oblige!) In this case, provide an arbor or a shelter, so as not to suffer the hazards the weather.

You have therefore been able to discover through these 9 points why renting a wedding photobooth will make your evening THE evening everyone will remember. The photo kiosk will provide continuous entertainment throughout the duration of your event. Thanks to the professional quality printing of the photos, your family and friends will have the chance to keep a memory of those wonderful moments. And the bride and groom will not be forgotten! They will have the pleasure of finding all the shots from their online photo gallery, a few days after the wedding. All at an ultra competitive price!

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